As part of Fort Loudoun Historic Site’s future planning, site investigations continue to be performed. In 2023, ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveying was performed on the western and southern portions of the 419 N. Loudoun Street property, including the well’s concrete cap and surrounding area. The GPR work, was performed by M3 Archaeology, headed by Mark Michael Ludlow, Registered Professional Archaeologist. Evidence of the northwest bastion is visible in the western GPR scans, as well as an unknown anomaly that will be further investigated.

CLICK HERE for a full report of the Fort Loudoun Historic Site Western Region GPR Survey.

CLICK HERE for a full report of the Fort Loudoun Historic Site Well Area and Southern GPR Survey.

The French & Indian War Foundation thanks the Boxley-Fox Endowment, who provided partial funding for 2023 GPR survey activities.

CLICK HERE to read the report on the 2002 Archaeological Dig at Fort Loudoun.