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 The War that Made America

Twenty years before the American Revolution, France and Britain’s struggle for North America sparked the first world war.  Called the French and Indian War, it would change the face of America, especially for the American Indians and the colonists.

France’s influence in North America was tied to the fur trade — they set up trading posts in Canada and around the Great Lakes, and maintained relationships with the native Indians.  Meanwhile, British colonists settled along the Atlantic coast — pushing the American Indians further inward.  In the 1750′s, France and Britain were both building empires, and came to blows over the land between their American settlements — the Ohio River Valley.  However, the Indians also called this land home, and they would play a valuable role in the war by tipping the balance of power in favor of one of the European empires.

British policies that came out of French and Indian War like taxation and land treaties would spark the American Revolution. Meanwhile, the war would also provide a training ground for one of the United States’ greatest leaders — George Washington. The above clip is from “The War That Made America”,  a program that is a co-production of WQED Multimedia and French and Indian War 250, Inc. The series features extensive reenactments of historical events, with on-screen narration provided by Canadian actor Graham Greene. Much of the story focuses upon George Washington, connecting his role in the war with the laterAmerican RevolutionPontiac’s Rebellion, which followed the French and Indian War, is also covered in the series. The series was filmed in and around the Western Pennsylvania region where many events actually took place during the war. Learn more, and get access to it, here.

The Forgotten War: The Struggle for North America (A Documentary)

 The Forgotten War: The Struggle for North America is a documentary produced by Mountain Lake PBS in Plattsburgh, NY. Mountain Lake PBS commemorates the French and Indian War by telling these powerful stories through this documentary: Story of Robert Rogers and his rangers, Abenaki and Iroquois nations, The massacre at Fort William Henry, Battles of Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point, Tragic expulsion of the Acadians, Fall of Quebec and Montreal, Brutal destruction of the Abenakis at Saint Francis by Rogers Rangersm, and the Iroquois diplomacy of Sir William Johnson that helped turn the war

Watch the clip below and click here for more fantastic information on the war and on viewing the entire program.

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