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a clean journal of october to dec 1 1770 without footnotes

Founders online shows 2 sets of journals and letters for each month of the above

Remarks & Occurrs. in October [1770]

Octr. 5th.1Began a journey to the Ohio in Company with Doctr. Craik his Servant, & two of mine with a lead Horse with Baggage. Dind at Towlston2 and lodgd at Leesburg distant from Mount Vernon abt. 45 Miles. Here my Portmanteau horse faild in his stomach.

Acct. of the Weather in October [1770]

Octr. 1st. Wind Southwardly and warm with flying Clouds.

  1. Raining, Hailing, or Snowing the whole day—with the wind Northerly Cold & exceeding disagreeable.

compare where and how my time is spent with this journal above for the same dates

[October 1770]

Where & how my time is Spent

Octr. 1. Rid to my Mill and the Ditchers with Mr. Warnr. Washington. Colo. Fairfax dind here. The Doctr. Rumney still here. Mr. Carr came in the Eveng.