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Charles Lewis

Charles Lewis (b. 1730), a cousin and friend of GW’s, was a younger brother of Fielding Lewis, GW’s brother-in-law, and of Warner Lewis, of Warner Hall in Gloucester County, whose letter to GW of 9 Aug. is referred to here. Charles Lewis secured a commission as captain and served under GW in the Virginia Regiment from Sept. 1755 until mid–1757, leaving the service after Dinwiddie on 16 May 1757 ordered that the number of captains in the regiment be reduced. Source is Founders Online Footnote.

Founders Online Footnote: Charles Lewis, younger brother of Warner and Fielding Lewis and friend of GW’s, was captain of a company in the Virginia Regiment from September 1755 to the summer of 1757. See source.

Correspondence between Charles Lewis and George Washington

Our Charles Lewis is related to George Washington, according to Founders Online Footnote and is still writing to GW four years after a different Charles Lewis is killed in the Battle of Point Pleasant on October 10, 1774, who is the younger brother of Andrew Lewis – according to this source: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lewis-442

Joshua Lewis – all correspondence with GW

Not sure if Joshua Lewis is related to the Charles Smith of George Washington or the Charles Smith of Andrew Lewis or to neither.


Andrew Lewis – all correspondence with GW

Andrew Lewis – Wikipedia bio

Thomas Lewis – all correspondence with GW.

Thomas Lewis 1718 to 1790 the older brother of Andrew Lewis, was the longtime surveyor of Augusta County.  Source is Founders Online. Scroll down to see beginning of footnotes. See his Wikipedia bio.

William Lewis